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You’ve spent years on her decks, and landed countless fish by her gunnels… sometimes a hull becomes something more than just a combination of wood, fiberglass, and composites. They become family. Don’t trade her in… let’s get her looking and functioning as good as she makes you feel. The Skinny Water Specialists Custom Shop.

Marine Mat

We have tender feet… we’re not too manly to admit that. Turns out, it’s also tough as nails and holds up to Michigan winters and studded boots. Few upgrades make a difference like fresh flooring. From simply functional to simply gorgeous, we’re authorized Marine Mat fabricators & installers.

Wiring & Electronics

If you have the jiggle the switch, you need our help. Tired of those old fishing electronics, or trying to use a compass to navigate? We can help with either a new install or upgrades on your existing electronics.

Aluminum Trailers

You can’t get on the water if you can’t get out of the driveway, and we can help keep you moving in style. From basic maintenance and repair to upgraded aluminum wheels or lighting, let us help keep you rolling in style, or at least without the police taking notice.

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Boat Detailing

Your wife called, she said you boat’s as filthy as your ex-girlfriend. We can restore, polish, and scrub your water craft into like new shine. Exterior or interior… we’re happy to help. We can’t help in getting her to forget about that spring break in Cabo. Sorry.

Interior Upholstery

Tired old boat pads looking like a deflated diaper? We can help get you back on the water with fresh options. From diamond stitching, custom piping, and color options that are out of this world, we can make all new or rebuild from your current… minus the droopy diaper look of course.

Hull Repair

It’s OK… we don’t remember that dock being so close either. We can help square away repairs to any aluminum, fiberglass, or composite hull. It’s like “Leak-be-gone” for your boat. Plus, we won’t tell your buddies what happened.

Specialty Outfitting

We once installed custom coolers to hold over 100 beers in a Gheenoe. True Story. We love doing the one-off or odd jobs on boats new or old. Have an idea but not sure how to execute it? We can help.

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