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You never forget your first boat and ours was a drift boat. Cheap oars, leaky floors, and 20 years of sun fade on her gunnels. We learned to row by bouncing it off every rock on our local river. While that hull has moved on, our love for riverboats certainly hasn’t. From rafts to hard boats, there’s nothing quite like a long float to rejuvenate the soul.

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The Hoodrat

Built for the creek crawlers, backwoods operators, and die-hard portage fanatics. Get to where the fish are, and the people aren't... and it even comes with beer holders.

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The Hooligan

This ain't your grandma's pool toy. With multiple ply pontoons, 6" thick self-bailing floors, and a motor mount and gear rack standard, the Hooligan is the gold standard in fishing rafts.

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