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Skinny water fishing isn’t for everyone. Ask our Uncle Dave. That guy spends more time in deep water lakes drinking Old Milwaukee and plunking gulp bait for bucket mouths than anyone we know. But that’s not us, and judging by the fact that you’re here, it’s not you either.

From northern style salmon sleds to southern style flats skiffs, we’re OBSESSED with spending all of our waking moments perfecting a watercraft for every thin-water situation. From fresh to salt, Bristol Bay to Florida Bay, we’re here to create a craft that helps you land that fish of a lifetime.

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The Hulls

All of our hulls are constructed with 100% composite processes, and are U.S. Coast Guard and NMMA Rated. Quite simply, we only partner with the best builders in the industry to ensure the highest quality and safety in our builds. We love drama-free boating, and our clients seem to dig it too.

Hull Purposes
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The Process

Step 1

Call us on 614-495-8999 or email us at and let’s rap about your fishing style, location, and dreams. Don’t want a boat but have a great story? Call us anyway. Seriously.

Step 2

Let’s map out a craft that checks as many boxes as possible, but without compromising. Want a bombproof flats skiff that will still run oyster filled rivers? We can do that. How about a jet boat for big water that still rows like a drift boat? Done and done.

Step 3

Ready to go all-in on your dream build? Trust us, we’re as excited as you are. Let’s get the paperwork done, the contract signed, and enjoy a celebratory PBR on us. It’s gonna be worth it.

What Next?

First and foremost is finalizing a build sheet for your new watercraft. This can be done in our showroom in Columbus, Ohio or digitally. Either way we’d suggest a great glass of bourbon and a fine cigar, because it’s much like the birth of your first child… It’s worth celebrating.

From there, we’ll get you a build schedule, and a log on to our digital build system. From there you can manage payments, view where we’re at in the build, and see photos of your baby as she’s lovingly handcrafted by our family of boat artisans.

What About The Benjamins?

By now you can imagine every intricate detail of your new boat, and it’s pretty damned exciting. We understand, but first a healthy dose of reality. You are buying a custom boat. It’s a big ticket item. If you want to pay for it up front, we’ll drink a toast to your good name. We might even name one of our boats after you. If that’s not your program, we break the build into 3 payments: 10% with contract, 45% on start of build, and 45% upon completion. Easy Peasy.

Our custom builds are just that: custom. Timing can range from a few days to modify an existing hull, to a few months to create something genuinely unique. We promise we’re as excited as you are to get started.

Motor Types Explained

Jet Boat vs. Flats Skiff

We build 2 drastically different hull categories designed to do something amazingly similar: operate in ultra-skinny water to get you where the fishing is best. What’s the difference? Here’s a run-down.

The most common question we get asked by newcomers to the river boat game is “what makes a jet boat a jet boat”. Why, the jet pump on the motor, of course. These prop-less wonders allow a well-engineered and set up jet boat to cruise through mere inches of water as well as sustaining minimal damage from the frequent meeting of jet foot to river bottom. We’re wicked good at dialing in your skinny water sled.

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We’re old school prop junkies, with a history of scrutinizing every aspect of a set up from prop pitch to setback and motor height. Traditionally, outboards with standard lower units and factory props rarely work “straight out of the box” however. It’s our obsession to squeeze every single ounce of performance out of your setup. From jack plates and anti-cavitation fins, our goal is to get your rig as skinny and efficient as possible.

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Frequent Questions

Read The Small Print

Why not buy factory direct?

We get asked regularly why someone should buy from us instead of going factory-direct. It’s not unreasonable. The honest answer is simply “options”. Our hull, motor, and trailer price is EXACTLY the same as the factory builds. If you want a stock boat, we’re probably not a great fit. However, tell a manufacturer you want one-off floors with custom carbon fiber trimmings and a trailer with laser etched non-skid fender logos… I bet they tell you to give us a call. In fact, we know they will.


Our payment schedule is very simple: You pay us, we accept the payment. God Bless America. All kidding aside, we try to keep this as easy as possible. If it’s a craft from our Pre-Loved inventory, it’s pay in full. If we’re building you a new custom creation, it’s 10% on contract sign to hold a build space, 45% at the start of the build, and 45% upon completion. We are a licensed dealership, so we collect sales tax. If you’re out of state, we collect sales tax for the following states:

- Arizona
- California
- Florida
- Indiana
- Massachusetts
- Michigan
- S. Carolina

Build Times

The short answer is: It Depends. From the start of your build, timing can range from two to 12 weeks. We’ve gotten really good at estimating timelines for builds. Ridiculously good as a matter of fact. But every project is unique, and if there’s a surprise in the build ahead of you, it means a delay for you as well. That’s why it’s called an “estimated” build time. We promise to stay in touch and keep open lines of communication from start to finish. Seriously.


We can handle shipping a few ways:

1) We build it, you come and get it. We’re always amazed at the number of people that drive to get their boats. We love having you here, and the bourbon’s on us if you make the trek.

2) Direct to Dock Service: We bring it to you, and we don’t just drop it off on a trailer. You tell us when you’ve got time, and we’ll put the boat in the water, and get it to your dock. The trailer will arrive at your home, or your local marina, independently. Coast to Coast, sea to shining sea, we provide an unbeatable delivery service. Yeah… we’re that kind of awesome.

3) Third Party Transport: We are happy to arrange a third party shipper to transport your new water craft to your residential address. We’ve sent boats from Washington to Florida. Keep in mind we don’t control these services, we’re simply acting as a facilitator.

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